Friday the 13th Von Sports Extravaganza!

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Want a chance to earn extra coins for all those upcoming Christmas auctions? Then you'd better be ready for our latest Von Sports Extravaganza on Saturday the 2nd of November, starring Friday the 13th: The Game. Whether you play as Jason or a counselor there's plenty of fun (and coins) to be had. Starts at 3pm Eastern and runs to 5pm. 

REWARDS (screenshots/clips required as proof)

  • Killing Jason - 200 coins if active participant.
  • Turning Traitor (killing a fellow counsellor) - 100 coins.
  • Escaping successfully (not running out the clock) - 150 coins.
  • Come back as Tommy Jarvis - 100 coins.
  • Using Jason's Moms Sweater - 150.
  • Killing  counsellors - 25 coins a death, 300 if you get them all.
  • Kill Tommy Jarvis - 150 coins.

To Take Part 

  • Join the Von Sports Club on Xbox, this is where your invite to play will come from so ensure you join before your match.
  • Buy a ticket on the Von Republic app
  • Send screenshots/clips into the Von Sports channel on Discord and/or post them in the Von Sports Club on Xbox to be rewarded with your coins.
  • Times to be confirmed - stay tuned!