Critical Role Vox Machina Vol.1

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From the creators of the hit show 'Critical Role' comes Vox Machina's origin story! Any D&D player or video game aficionado will be familiar with the voice actors who get together and play D&D on the reg. And if you aren't - get familiar.

Writers Matthew Mercer and Matthew Colville team with artist extraordinaire Olivia Samson and colourist Chris Northrop to bring you the story of where the heroes' journey began. The band of adventurers known as Vox Machina will save the world. Eventually. But even they have to start somewhere.

Six would-be heroes on seemingly different jobs find their paths intertwined as they investigate shady business in the swamp town of Stilben. They'll need to put their heads - and weapons - together to figure out what's going on... and keep from being killed in the process. Even then, whether or not they can overcome what truly lurks at the bottom of the towns travails remains to be seen!

• Paperback
• 168 pgs